Internationals @ #loscon23 – How we make the lernOS Convention more accessible for non-german speakers

Last year with the lernOS Convention 2022 we had the focus of creating a perfectly hybrid and sustainable event. We keep these objectives for the lernOS Convention 2023 (11th & 12th of July) and we will push them even more. The loscon23 organizational team -pushed by Marcel– decided to try out something new this year: we want to make the lernOS Convention also accessible for non-german speakers.

Since the roots of the lernOS Convention in 2016 the event has always been in German. There were talks and sessions in English here and there but the majority, the moderation, and the communication was always in German. When we discussed the issue we agreed, that we keep German as main language of the event. But we came up with some measures to invite also internationals:

  • The Ticket-Shop and the Call for Participation is available in English
  • The introduction and the main talks will be in German but simultaneously translated (by human translators) to English (use the Discord channel to listen to de->en and en->de translations)
  • Human translation will be available at the opening, the impulse talks, the losconCircle kick-off and the lightning talks.
  • We will build Learning Circles (so called loscon Circles) as small learning groups of 4-6 people who experience the event together. There will be an option to form circles in any other language than German (also clingonian and esperanto would be fine 😂)
  • We have one (of four) tracks on day two completely in English. In the German tracks you can use the automatic translation function in teams (we use teams premium for that (see Use live captions in Microsoft Teams meetings for a description).
  • We will use AI tools afterwards to experiment with translation and summarization of the recorded session after the event (a trial of that will als be run at the Corporate Learning Camp 2023 in May)

So if you are interested in lifelong learning and the crafting of learning organizations AND you did not join the lernOS Convention because of the language or geographical restrictions, get your loscon23 ticket now (for Nuremberg or Online) and be part of our experiment! 💪

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