Publishing Intellectual Capital Reports on Scribd

In the rising knowledge society more and more “early movers” produce so called intellectual capital reports (ICR) in addition to their traditional financial reports using methods like WB:Ö, Wissensbilanz made in Germany and InCaS.

To enable all the scientists and practitioners to learn from each other we suggest to upload all existing ICRs (and all the future ones) on to get transparency.

How to upload an ICR on

  1. You need to sign up at to get a login.
  2. Once you are signed up just login at (you will see your username at the upper right if your logged in).
  3. Click on “Publish” in the main navigation bar (green arrow).
  4. Leave the publishing options like they are (Standard/Public) and click on “Publish” (yellow arrow!) to upload your ICR file (e.g. pdf or doc format).
  5. Accept scribd’s policies and make sure that you have the (copy)right to upload the ICR file.
  6. Once the file is processed you get a small form to add some metadata to the file. You should 1.) enter the right title 2.) choose “Government&Organizations” as category 3.) IMPORTANT add at least “icreport” as tag and 4.) enter a proper description (to enable easy finding of the file).
  7. Then click “Save” and your ICR is published.

How do I find ICRs?

There are two ways to monitor available ICRs:

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