How to Record a Podcast in a Remote Setup

Today I recorded an episode of the Management 2.0 Podcast with Prof. Leif Edvinsson about Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Future Centers. Leif was at home in Sweden and I in the library of the Cogneon Akademie in Nuremberg. He asked me to write a short tutorial on how to record a remote podcast so here we go.

First of all a list of the necessary equipment. There many alternatives to record audio like recording phone calls or skype calls (e.g. via a skype recorder). But the audio quality of telephone lines and skype conversations is poor and I suggest that only in emergency cases. My setup was based on a local USB audio interface with a high quality headset and the software package studio link for the remote connection. Here is what you will need for that setup:

  • PC or Mac with software Reaper (Digital Audio Workstation) and the Ultraschall extension (Ultraschall already comes with the needed studio link pluging build in)
  • The studio link standalone version (German page) for the remote podcaster
  • USB audio interface to connect the headset to the PC (I used a Focusrite Scarlett Solo)
  • A combination of microphone and a headphone for monitoring (I used a Beyerdynamic DT 297)
  • A good internet connection (use LAN not WIFI)

The workflow to record the podcast looks like this:

  1. Connect the headset to the audio interface
  2. Connect the audio interface to your computer
  3. Start Reaper
  4. Configure your audio interface in the settings
  5. Add a track with the input from your audio interface
  6. Add another track as „studio link track“
  7. After step 6. a browser opens with the studio links controls (Tip: put that side by side with the Reaper window)
  8. In the browser window you will the your studio link ID (it has the format of an email „ You have to send that to your remote podcaster and he has to enter that in the studio link standalone version to call you
  9. If the remote podcaster calls you, you get a notification in the browser window. Accept the call and you can hear each other
  10. Hit the record button in Reaper, record the podcast and hit the stop button when you‘re finished. That‘s it.

If I find some time in the future, I will do a short screencast with the whole setup. If you have feedback, comments or questions just use the comment field below.

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