Next Generation Enterprises

  • Referent: Dion Hinchcliffe (Dachis)
  • The next enterprise journy: hierarchy, emergent community, community, …
  • Life expectancy of the average corporation has dropped from 75 to 15 years (1940-today)
  • Drivers for nextgen emterprises are: global connectivity, friction-less interaction platforms, next-gen mobility, focus on network effects, information superabundance, transparency/openness/broadcast, community-based power structures and knowledge flows
  • “The bigges challenge is changing our thinking”, “we must become system thinkers” (comment: here we are at the core discipline of the “Learning Organization”, a pity, Dion was not part of our discussion in Karlsruhe 2 weeks ago)
  • “Gamification of business processes” (comment: eat this QM/BPM/BPR community!)
  • “To reach younger people have a app on their first screen”
  • Burberry's social media vision as example

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