Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 – Day 2

After a very nice lunch on the evening of the first day (see my notes for day 1) of Enterprise 2.0 Summit the second day begun with a talk by Prof. Segal (motiva) and an HR focus on engagement and motivation of employees. Engagement is defined as a psychological state in which an employee are willing and motivated to perform on the goals of the organization. One problem is social un-justice demonstrated with comparison of productivity vs. household incomes from the 1950s to now and a big gap emerging in 1980 (source: hrm.com). Wikipedia was shown as example where people search for meaning outside the company and engage there. Another phenomenon is the generation why (or millenials) with people being confident, connected and open to change. This generation faces a situation of constant renewal of knowledge. For example 5 out of the 10 most demanded occupations did not exist in 2002. In terms of engagment we can talk of a global engagement crisis because also in the best performing countries the rate,pf engaged employee is only 53% (Germany: 17%). Segal proposes a paradigm shift in HR because doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is not smart (A. Einstein). New paradogms are: money ismnot the main motivator, key motivators,are different formeach employee (theory,of,key motivational drivers).

Then John Husband talked about the Wirearchy as the fundamental evolution of knowledge work and knowledge-based organizations. He showed a quote by S. Davis (1987) about ICT enabling all members of an organization to communicate with each other (pretty similar to key messages in E2.0 initiatives today). He introduced the concepts quality of working life (QWL) and gainsharing. He also talked about participative work design coming from the 60s(!) were the key idea is that the people who do the work are the best ones to design it as well.

In the session on Enterprise 2.0 Maturity Strategies firstly a case of ABN Amro was presented which did not really address the aspect of E2.0 maturity.

Just before lunch I took part in a Lego Serious Play workshop. Every participant got a bag of lego parts and the task was to create a new method for developing an Enterprise 2.0. First step was to build a tower based on personal values (start with the individual). We had five minutes for building it and than explained it to the group. Afterwards everyone had to build a new thing that represents a personal quality that could be used in the journey towards an Enterprise 2.0. Last step was to put together all the individual models for one transformation story. So the journey went from individual qualities to the team level – like a good change management process should go.

The last talk of the day was done by Euan Semple. He sees the current changes as part of a de-industrialization process and we are just at the beginning. Funny aspect was the concept of seeing social media as “trojan mice” changing the status quo step by step. “Love” was written on his last slide symbolizing what holds the networkmtogether. Not technology, not IP but the desire to be connected and do things together.

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