Knowledge Cities Summit 2009 – Day 1

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place at the very nicht Wouzhou Guest House facilities:

Opening Ceremony - Wang Rong

Wang Rong, the acting mayor of Shenzen was opening the 2nd knowledge summit in the Wouzhou Guest House.

Opening Ceremony - Leif Edvinsson

  • The Creative Industries.
  • Knowledge Cities have to have a "Knowledge Harbour".
  • Cultivate and Renew Urban Capital with a Mindzone (Urban Capital includes Human Capital, Relational Capital, Social Capital and Structural Capital)
  • To build the Urban Capital we need Future Centers.
  • Top IC Countries Benchmark done by Carol Y.Y. (Journal of Intellectual Capital).
  • Aalto Camp on Societal and Social Innovations on June 28 - July 06 2010 to design the 3-leged chair: academical, political and business entrepreneurship (Comment: see also the Social Innovations Camps).

Opening Ceremony - Wang Weiguang

Wang Weiguang (Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences):


  • China wants to be a creative country and a learning society.
  • Shenzhen is the representative of knowledge cities in china.

Opening Ceremony - Chen Jin

Chen Jin (Deputy Director of Party Literature Research Center):

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