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In the last weeks I got a lot of messages and emails asking what the next steps for lernOS are. In this short blog I would like to give an overview what happend in the last months and what will happen until the end of the year so I can send the link to this blog as answer to further requests :-)

What happened so far

  • I was part of 11 WOL Circles so far. As supporting tools I developped two assets that I used mainly for myself: a Canvas to document the results from the WOL exercises an a OneNote notebook with changes and additions for the WOL guide. I published the Canvas as WOL+ Canvas but since the name is trademarked I was not able to use that name. Therefore I renamed it to "lernOS Canvas" (lernOS in Esperanto means "I will learn"). Since the canvas is not self explaining I also created the "lernOS Guide" that can be used similar to the WOL Guides in a 13-week-programme (week 0-12) called "lernOS Circle". In addition to WOL it also integrates elements from Getting Things Done (GTD) and Google's Objectives & Key Results (OKR).
  • I started an international WOL survey to collect circle experiences on a broad basis. The survey runs until end of August and I plan to have 100+ responses. I will publish the results in September.
  • The lernOS content is managed on github for version control and distributed co-creation. I decided to write it in markdown to be able to translate it to multiple formats with pandoc automatically (e.g. PDF, Word, eBook, Confluence Wiki). So far I use Atom as editor but im still looking for a good WYSIWYG markdown editor. I also did some research on machine translation. The lernOS publishing chain is able to translate to 60+ languages. The vision for the future is to release multiple formats of the guide in multiple languages automatically every 3-6 month.
  • All lernOS content is licensed with a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. This means that by the open definition everybody is able to freely access, use, modify, and share it for any purpose (private and commercial). lernOS therefore is a free cultural work.
  • To provide support and collect feedback from users I created an open lernOS User Group on Telegram (join at and an idea plattform to contribute, discuss, and rate ideas at (similar to but open source).
  • I ran an 1 hour lernOS Webcast (#lOScast) on how to use the lernOS Canvas as a tool in WOL Circles (Video, Slides). There will be another lOScast in August (see below).
  • I started a pilot lernOS Circle together with Leonid and Till to have a first proof of concept for the alpha version of the guide. We use Microsoft Teams and the OneNote template for communication and documentation in the circle. The alpha version is under heavy change until version 1 since I try to integrate as much feedback as fast as possible.

What will happen in the future

  • The version 1.0 "Base" of the lernOS Guide will be released at 2018-09-17. This date was chosen since I am looking for circles and organizations that want to pilot lernOS in Q4/2018. You can see all planned features for that release in the milestone planning for version 1.0 on github. Version 1.0 will be available in English and German.
  • The next lOScast will be at 13th of August 4-5pm CEST (Zoom Link). I will explain and show the OneNote template I created as a tool for circles (lernOS & WOL). With the Microsoft Teams & OneNote approach you will have communication an documentation in the circle in one place and you can use the apps for a mobile experience.
  • I will collaborate with Stephan from to have an editable version of the lernOS Canas online. With the canvanizer you can place virtual sticky notes on the canvas with multiple persons.
  • There will be a lOScast as "Release Party" in September. Time and date is not defined yet.
  • If you are an individual, an experienced WOL Circle, or an organization willing to pilot lernOS in Q4/2018 feel free to contact me on any social channel or by email (

Keep Calm & Lean On! :-)

The header image with the lernOS guide in the mountains was published on twitter by Helmut Hoensch. THX!

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Dieses Mal hat es geklappt, Karlheinz und ich haben uns in unserem monatlichen Rhythmus getroffen und wir haben über Neuigkeiten aus Corporate Learning Community und lernOS Community gesprochen.


Am 26. Februar 2019 hat Tobias in einem eintägigen Coaching mein Getting Things Done (GTD) System einer kritischen Prüfung unterzogen und viele Verbesserungsvorschläge gemacht. Lange haben wir auch über die Umsetzung von GTD in der Office 365 Umgebung gesprochen. Zum Abschluss des Tages haben wir dann noch diese Episode zu GTD als Methode der Selbstorganisation für Wissensarbeiter*innen aufgenommen. Tobias wird als GTD-Experte auch auf dem lernOS Rockstars Camp am 25.06.2019 in München dabei sein.

Persönliche Produktivität und als Ausgangspunkt / Getting Things Done (GTD) / Buch Getting Things Done (Affiliate-Link) / Deutscher GTD Lizenznehmer Next Actions Partner in Berlin / GTD-Coach Ausbildung / Session "Web 2.0 Führerschein" von Oliver Gassner auf dem Barcamp Nürnberg 2006 / Engpasskonzentrierte Strategie / GTD und persönliches Wissensmanagement / lernOS / Squared Wheel Men / Die Fünf Schritte von GTD (Sammeln, Verarbeiten, Organisieren, Durchsehen, Erledigen) / Deutschsprachige GTD Videos / GTD Workflow / Marie Kondo / TEDx Vortrag The Art of Stress-Free Productivity mit David Allen /  Listen wie in Working Out Loud / M2P017 Working Out Loud mit Barbara Schmidt / E-Mail-Posteingang als GTD Inbox / Inbox Zero / GTD 6 Horizons of Focus / GTD & die Weltreise / ALPEN Methode im Zeitmanagement / Offene GTD Seminare / Einstellmappen (Tipp zum GTD-Papiersystem) / Tools für GTD / GMail / Android / iOS / Outlook (Outlook for Windows 2013/2016 Setup Guide) / Outlook Quick-Steps / Office 365 / Microsoft To-Do / OneNote / Desktop vs. Mobile / (GTD Anleitung deutsch) / Gruppe GTD DACH auf Linkedin / Tobias auf dem lernOS Rockstars Camp am 25.06.2019 in München

Vom 20.07.-02.11.2018 habe ich zusammen mit Leonid Lezner und Till Moritz den ersten Pilot-Circle auf Basis der Beta-Version des lernOS Guides gemacht. In dieser Episode sprechen wir über unsere Erfahrungen im Circle.

Vorstellungsrunde / Leonid's Firmenfunk Podcast / / Idee Learning Sprints von Scrum / Flipped Classroom Methode für Übungen / lernOS Canvas / Objective & Key Results / Google Guide: Set goals with OKRs / Management by Objectives / Video: How Google sets goals: OKRs / The Beginners Guide to OKRs von Felipe Castro / OKR Implementierung bei DB Systel / OKRs im Wiki (ähnlich wie bei runtastic) / OKR Forum / OKRs im lernOS Circle / Getting Things Done / / Buch Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Affiliate-Link) / GTD Five Step Process / GTD Weekly Review Checkliste / WOL Circle Survey: 70+ % of circles meet virtually or mostly virtually / Microsoft Teams & OneNote als Infrastruktur für Circle (Chat, Videokonferenz, Dokumentation) / Ausblick und nächste Schritte