M2P027 13 Years of Knowledge Management at Airbus

Im Rahmen der “1st Knowlege Management Days” bei Airbus in Hamburg habe ich einen Vortrag mit dem Titel “Learning Organization 2.0 – Ideas & Tools” (Folien) gehalten. Am Nachmittag hatte ich die Gelegenheit mit dem Head of Knowledge Management Nicolas Chanchervier einen Podcast zu den Erfahrungen mit Wissensmanagement bei Airbus aufzunehmen. Der Podcast ist auf Englisch.

Airbus Knowledge Management located in HR & Learning Departement / Beginnings of KM in Engineering / KM located in France, Germany, UK and Spain / KM departement established 2004 (today: 10 people) / 1st KM Study Tour (2009) / ExTra Expertise Transfer for Expert Debriefing available as facilitated process and self-service guide / 300-400 cases per year / KMOD (no longer existing) / Knowledge Diagnosis available as service and self-service guide (criteria: criticality and maturity) / Yellow Pages not very successful in the beginning / Internal social media profile more successful (LinkedIn-Profile-Download possible) / Intranet portal “HUB” (s.a. Aerospace knowledge management toolkit p. 76, Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2) with people’s profiles, corporate news and collaboration / Communities of practice (formal and informal) can be started by everybody / Community health level is checked yearly / Innovation mangement as part of knowledge management/ Workshop format and formal training on innovation available / Lessons Learned with RISE method since 2001 / KCP for knowledge documentation / Enterprise search / Knowledge transfer with rich media (Video) / Self-learning organization as vision for the future

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