M2P030 Knowledge Management in Asia with Eric Tsui

At 14th/15th of September 2017 Prof. Eric Tsui visited Potsdam to give a talk at the Knowledge Camp. I visited him in his appartement Friday morning to record this episode. We talked about his personal development in the field of knowledge management, the current situation in asia, the KM master degree he runs, and the edX MOOC KM and Big Data in Business.

Education: Bachelor in Computer Science, MBA Business Administration, PhD Knowledge Engineering / Computer Sciences Corporation (artifitial intelligence) / Knowledge Engineering Methods (think aloud, interviews) / Course on Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) at University of Sydney / Eric’s KM Definition / Knowledge Environment / KMS as Sociotechnical System / Hong Kong PolyU Departement of Industrial and Systems Engineering / Master of Science in Knowledge Management (1 yr full time/2yrs part time) / Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Management Award / Good Practice Cases / CLP Power Hong Kong (Portals, eLearning, Knowlege Cafés, After Action Reviews) / Hong Kong Police (Knowledge-based force) / Knowledge Management in Asia / KMIRC / Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society / Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) / KM Asia / European Conference on Knowledge Management / Global KM Trends / Social Media Analysis (driven by big data) / 2nd Era of Communities / From Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Creation / Knowledge Camp Talk Managing Knowledge in the Age of Digitalisation / edX MOOC Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (G+ MOOC Community)